Becoming a CRC helps you be the best you can be. The best employee, the best certified rehabilitation counselor, and the best YOU. The benefits of certification for rehabilitation counselors extend beyond yourself to your employer and clients. 

That’s why becoming a CRC makes you the gold standard in this profession.




Earning the CRC credential is an important personal and professional achievement that also has the potential to help raise the visibility and global recognition of our profession.

Greater Focus on Career:

Allows for faster career advancement with greater earning potential and greater professional mobility.

Respected by Peers and Clients:

Achieving the internationally recognized CRC credential attracts respect from both fellow professionals and clients. It provides a marketable credential that distinguishes CRCs from other counseling professionals.

Assured and Measured Approach to Work:

Acting ethically, have a code of conduct and sound code of practice assures a confident approach to work. CRCs are role models for professional development, lifelong learning, and dedication to excellence in service provision to individuals with disabilities.


Meeting Higher Standards:

CRCs are the only professional counselors educated and trained specifically to serve individuals with disabilities.

Experts in Their Specialty:

When a client chooses a rehabilitation counselor, they should request or choose a CRC. CRCs are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing outstanding services. A CRC is an expert in the specialty of rehabilitation counseling.

Quality of Services:

The markers of a CRC are knowledge, competence, and commitment to the highest standards in rehabilitation counseling, which give clients and their families peace of mind.

Skilled and Knowledgeable:

CRCs have access to resources and tools to achieve better client outcomes.


Return on investment:

Employers who embrace CRC certification are better positioned to create an environment that contributes to staff retention.

Improved Efficiency and Reduced Risk:

CRCs are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics, creating an environment of professionalism with better client outcomes.
Higher Level of Credibility for Services:

It’s a vehicle for employers to differentiate themselves from the competition and demonstrate to clients they have attracted the most skilled and experienced RC professionals.

Maintain Industry Knowledge:

CRCs are up to date on current trends and best practices, putting them on the leading edge of your organization.