The purpose of certification is to assist in the assurance that professionals engaged in rehabilitation leadership meet acceptable standards of quality in practice.  The existence of acceptable standards is in the best interest of consumers of rehabilitation counseling services and the general public.


Eligibility Criteria for the National Certified Rehabilitation Leader Training Program and CRL Certification

Eligibility is determined by CRCC after candidates have registered and completed the CRCC CRL application. CRCC requires individuals to respond to various questions relating to character and violations of the law.  Please review the CRL Certification Guide for further details.


Complete CRL application.

Click the CRCCCONNECT button on the top of the CRCC home page.

  • If you are not a registered user, click the Create an account link (below the Login button).
  • Enter your email address. Click Search.
  • If your email address is in the system, please follow the prompts to begin your application.
  • If your email address is not found in the system, you’ll be prompted to click the Register Now button.

You can begin the application process by entering your personal information. Enter your personal email address as your primary email and your business email address as your secondary email. Your phone number should not include any dashes.

The next step may prompt you to validate your address and click the Save button.
You’ll be returned to your personal information page. Click the Save button.

Your username is your primary email address. You will be prompted to create a password. Click the Save button. On the next page, click the Done button.
You will be on your account page.

In the upper-right hand corner, in the My CRCC Links, click the Apply for CRL link.
You will be in the application. Read each question and respond accordingly.

Please refer to the CRL Certification Guide for full application details.