CRCC values the importance of research as a foundation of our profession and is interested in supporting research that advances the field and addresses important issues such as professional practice, certification, and licensure.

CRCC is committed to advocating for both its CRCs and the profession of rehabilitation counseling.

CRCC Job Task Analysis/                              Role & Function Studies

A Role & Function Study (R&FS), also referred to as a Job Task Analysis (JTA), reflects the profession and provides an empirical basis for establishment of educational standards and certification requirements. It is an evidence-based study of the knowledge, skills, and activities performed by rehabilitation counselors in many different practice settings across the U.S. CRCC conducts Role & Function Study every five (5) years.

The findings of these studies provide important information for CRCC to examine and develop test and item specifications that will guide future versions of the CRC Examination.

The results also have important implications for updating rehabilitation counseling educational curricula and the CRC certification requirements as well as professionals practicing rehabilitation counseling and other stakeholders.

Changes and shifting the focus on rehabilitation counseling curriculum does occur. Changes should be driven by the knowledge, skills, and actives performed by individuals engaging in their profession and by the needs and realities of our stakeholders. Learn More here.




2021 Salary Report

The 2021 Salary Report is an update on the 2008 Salary Survey. The survey results provide an accurate description of the employment settings where CRCs work and the representative annual wage for this select group of counseling professionals. Read the 2021 Salary Report here.




CRCC Data for Research and Mailing List Rental

In response to requests from researchers interested in using data from the CRCC database for research purposes, CRCC has established a process whereby researchers can request de-identified data.

The mailing list rental can be purchased for survey research purposes. Rent Mailing List here.