Background Check

Obtaining a Criminal Background Check

CRCC requires individuals to respond to various questions relating to character and violations of the law. A prior conviction for violating any law, statute, or ordinance will not automatically preclude an individual from being determined eligible to seek certification or recertification. However, CRCC will deem an individual to be ineligible for initial certification or recertification if he/she has not completed parole, probation, or any other terms or conditions imposed by any court in conjunction with a conviction, a suspended imposition of a sentence, or other sentencing alternatives. Convictions include guilty pleas and pleas of “no contest.”

If an individual discloses violations of laws, statutes, or ordinances, CRCC requires court documentation or a criminal background check identifying the charges raised and sentencing status/disposition of those charges. The documentation must address whether the individual has met all conditions imposed by the court and paid all fees, if applicable. Severity of the crime and length of time since the incident are all taken into consideration.

If court documentation is not available, you are required to submit to a criminal background check through CRCC’s authorized provider, Justifacts, with all fees paid by you. CRCC staff will contact the candidate if a background check is needed.