CRCC realizes how hard you worked for your Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist (CVE) certification and the importance of being recognized as such beyond your retirement.

Retiring from active practice?

Choose the retirement designation to change your CVE certification to an honorary designation.

Once you’re granted retired status, you can use the honorary CVE/Retired designation after your name. Before you change to the retired designation, make 100% sure you’re ready to retire your certification. Once you make the change, you cannot actively practice as a CVE without renewing or reapplying for CVE certification. If you think you might provide consulting or other services in the future using your CVE certification, you should maintain the CVE certification.

Retirement Fee: $100

(One-time fee as long as you remain in retirement status)


What to do if your retirement status changes after twelve (12) months?

To regain use of the CVE certification, you would need to reapply, meet the eligibility criteria in effect at the time of reapplication, and achieve a passing score on the certification examination.

If you are interested in pursuing the CVE/Retired status, contact CRCC at (847) 944-1325 or to inquire about the process.