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million (1 in 4) people have a disability in the US

an estimated


of people reporting a disability are employed vs. 66% of people without a disability

an estimated


of people with a disability live in poverty In the year 2017

between 2018–2028



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"This work has been rich with variety, value, and potential. As a Counselor, I provided services that supported self-determination and self-sufficiency...I value my certification and plan to continue to contribute to the field through instructional design and consultation. Through all my roles, I still describe this work as having one of the best missions in the world!"

Debra Scholten, CRC, LPC Certified MBTI

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TO TAKE THE STIGMA AWAY from individuals with disabilities.

"The mastery I want is for everyone, everywhere, but especially individuals with disabilities to know that they can improve their lives and achieve their goals. And my contribution — WHAT I do to decrease the stigma — educating, writing articles, research, and serving roles to have a voice at the table…are expressions of my WHY."

If you look at anything I do, you will notice that all pathways lead back to my WHY"—

Adrienne Robinson, Ed.D, CRC
Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

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THE FOUNDATION of my profession.

“After experiencing a moderate traumatic brain injury in 1999, the journey back from the incident started with the support of folks in rehabilitative services. Six years after the accident, I found myself saying: ‘I want to work with brain injury survivors to help them reintegrate into the workforce, community, faith, and academia.”

Dede Norungolo, CRC, LPC, LAC, ADC
Outpatient Therapist and Owner, Reintegrate Counseling

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“Having found the field of rehabilitation counseling by accident initially, I am SUPER proud to say that I have enjoyed more than 30 years of work experience with persons with disabilities."

Kenyotta Eugene Cross, Ed. D., CRC, NCC
Education Programs Administrator at the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification

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I CONTINUE TO LEARN AND GROW My education did not stop after graduating.

“Allow me to share with you why I pursued my CRC and why I maintain this credential."

Kate Kline, PhD, CRC, LPC
Associate Professor - Rehabilitation Counseling
Maryville University
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MY CRC IS THE HEART OF MY CORE VALUES that guides my career.

"I obtained my CRC in 1999 when I was helping people with disabilities to find jobs and keep their independence. Since that time, my career has taken me in many different directions, but no matter what, it has always been a personal requirement to me that I maintain my CRC."

Kimberly Pfingstag, CRC
Manager, Occupational Care and Recovery
International Paper

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I WAS INFLUENCED INTO THE REHABILITATION FIELD by my own rehabilitation counselor.

"I was influenced into the rehabilitation field by my own rehabilitation counselor.  For 12 years we worked together to guide me from high school, thru college and into my first career."

Isaac Beavers, CRC
Regional Director, Huntsville Regional Center
Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind

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EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENT and every day allows me the opportunity to make a difference in many individual’s lives.

"Rehabilitation counseling is the most dynamic and multi-faceted career choice available to compassionate, creative, highly organized, and business-principled professionals."

Robert Froehlich, Ed.D., CRC, LPC
Associate Professor
The George Washington University

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YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of people as a CRC.

“I had the opportunity to work with a client who was blind at birth. He dreamed of owning his own business but never thought it would come true. My education as a CRC and my knowledge of assistive work technology helped the rehabilitation team make his dream of becoming a business owner a reality.”

Dr. Randy Medeiros
Thomas University

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I CHERISH THE SUPPORT I get from the CRC staff.

“I’ve had my CRC certification since 2002. My prior employer didn’t require the CRC to maintain or promote within the agency. I kept my CRC for 20 years in spite of this because I've always been proud to have it and I never wanted an opportunity to pass me by because I didn’t have it.”

Marlene Swarts, M.A., CRC
Helen Keller National Center (HKNC)

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STUDENTS ARE ACHIEVING their goals with a CRC’s strengths-based approach.

“Young adults with intellectual disabilities want the same things their peers without disabilities want: meaningful work, living as independently as possible, and taking their place within their community. With a CRC’s strengths-based, rather than deficits-based approach, our students are achieving their goals.”

Sue Reeves MRC, CRC, LVRC
Program Director
Licensed/Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Aggies Elevated at Utah State University

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ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I made for my career.

“I landed a paid internship as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor without even knowing what the job entailed. I fell in love with the work and the reward that came from helping individuals reach independence through innovative vocational programs. Becoming a CRC was one of the best decisions I made for my career.”

Rene Dell, MA, LPC, NCC, CRC

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GIVING BACK is the greatest gift of all.

“For me, it’s watching individuals walk in at the beginning of their journey with their heads down and nervous, and walk out the door upon the completion of their Pre-ETS training, Placement, On-The-Job trainings, and/or Post-Secondary Education and seeing the accomplishment on their faces. That’s when you feel your job matters.”

Shaina Cox, M.A. in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, CRC
VR Consultant with Vocational Rehabilitation

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PAY IT FORWARD to support others as they learn to overcome obstacles.

“In my role as a CRC at Vocational Rehabilitation in Oregon, I have the opportunity to serve as a conduit of information. From what others teach me, I can pay it forward to support others as they learn to overcome obstacles and achieve successful outcomes.”

Renata M Beck, MS, CRC

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MY PASSION MEETS PURPOSE to serve individuals with disabilities.

“A Certified Rehabilitation Counselor certification goes far beyond the title. Counseling is where my passion meets purpose to serve individuals with disabilities. It is an honor to be a part of a welcoming, nurturing, and distinguished body of counselors across the country. ”

Simone Hicks, Ph.D., CRC

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NOBLE AND MEANINGFUL calling we are blessed to perform.

“Being able to directly help someone achieve (or restore) their independence and dignity, meaning and purpose, structure and stability, and overcome obstacles and barriers such as major mental, physical, and cognitive disabilities, homelessness, and community isolation, makes this profession unique and powers me every day.”

Eric Kulesza, MBA, MA, CRC, CADC, LPC
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
Supported Employment
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

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THE JOURNEY has been so rewarding.

“As a mother of someone differently-abled, I became an advocate before I stepped into the Vocational Rehabilitation field. I developed Whole Latte Love Cafe, a place that provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to learn transferable customer service skills. What I learned from the field will help facilitate a path for my daughter and her peers.”

Beth A. Humbert, M. Ed., CRC, CESP
Founder / Executive Director
Whole Latte Love Cafe

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RECOGNIZE AND EMPHASIZE the value of work as a therapeutic intervention.

"I for one have always felt that rehabilitation counseling was a specialization of counseling. More than that, I feel rehabilitation counseling encompasses all the primary elements of the other counseling specializations. One focus that sets us apart is recognizing and emphasizing the value of work as a therapeutic intervention."

Trenton Landon, Ph.D., CRC

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EDUCATE THE PUBLIC about disability.

“In my studies and practice, I am reminded that as a CRC, I must combat discrimination and the segregation of people with disabilities, which has been the goal of rehabilitation counselors for decades. A CRC demonstrates that I can educate the public about disability, disability rights advocacy and combat negative attitudes toward individuals with disabilities."

Treye Rosenberger, Ph.D, CRC, LMHC, NCC

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PRACTICE SPECIALIZED AND SPECIFIC to individuals with disabilities.

"I choose the CRCC for myself, my students, and my clients. The CRCC has allowed me professional development opportunities that encompass the values and competencies required to practice as a rehabilitation counselor providing individuals with disabilities the most comprehensive and inclusive practices possible."

Amanda Tashjian, PhD, CRC, LPC (AZ), LCPC (IL)

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CERTIFICATION ENSURES THAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE DISABILITES are working with the highest quality of rehabilitation counselors available

"As a person who has a disability and a former Florida Vocational Rehabilitation client, I’ve worked with numerous counselors who helped me to achieve my employment goals."

Whitney Doyle, MNM, CP
Executive Director
Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology, Inc.

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"I affirm that by becoming a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor I have met the standards which have been established and verified by a qualified organization."

Catherina Rozario M.A., M.S., CRC
VR Area Supervisor
FL Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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I WANTED TO HELP BUSINESSES CREATE policies and procedures that were inclusive.

"I’ve been a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor since 2011. I’ve worked for three state rehabilitation agencies and three Fortune 500 companies. I decided to work as a CRC in the private sector because I wanted to change the culture from within."

Dr. James F. McNeil
Disability and Leave Services (DLS) Compliance Consultant

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MY CRC IS THE FOUNDATION of my professional identity.

"My CRC credential is the foundation of my professional identity as a rehabilitation counselor. My CRC demonstrates that I possess the knowledge, skills, and awareness to work with and on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families."

Sara Johnston, Ph.D., CRC
Associate Professor in the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program,
and the Olson Fellow for Global Engaged Learning at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

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