Resources to support your teaching, your students, and your program.

You want your students to succeed and to put their rehabilitation counseling education and experience to work in satisfying, rewarding, and meaningful careers.

Below, you can find links to resources that CRCC offers to supplement your program’s commitment to educating the next generation of certified rehabilitation counselors.

If you identify any additional tools you would like to see CRCC consider, please Contact Us!


Toolkit Resources


Explore our 2021 Salary Survey for reported salaries from CRCs
across the country.


Discover Career Pathways in rehabilitation counseling.


Engage Alumni to help students connect with CRCs in the field.


Aid students in their CRC Exam Prep by connecting them to CRCC student resources.


Review the CRCE Item Writers References to explore the sources
of CRC Exam questions.


A teacher explaining something to a student

A teacher assisting a student on a laptop.

AN image of a teacher helping a student.

A teacher assisting a student on a laptop.

Review the Evidence-Based 2021 Job Task Analysis (JTA) Research Study and its Impact on the CRC Exam.


Embrace Your Role in the Application Process and students’ impact on the field’s future.


Share the Benefits of Certification with your students.
Encourage your students to purchase the CRC Exam Flashcards to
help them stay on track through their program.


CRCC has also created a Student Toolkit with resources focusing on the application process and how to prepare for the CRC Exam that you can share with your students!
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