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HIGHEST QUALITY services to individuals with disabilities.

“I became a CRC in 2013 so I could provide the highest quality services to individuals with disabilities. Also, so that they could trust the services they were receiving were from a qualified professional and those services enabled them to achieve their maximum potential.”

Nancy Adams, M.Ed., CRC, RID: CI/CT
VR Supervisor, Decatur District Office
Alabama Department of Rehab Services

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THE CLIENT WAS THANKFUL and wished he could tell everyone.

“As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, I met with a client who had severe vision issues due to cataracts. He worked in a position where his senses had to be on point due to the dangers around him. Vocational Rehabilitation helped this client retain his position through Physical Restoration in the form of Cataract surgery.”

Caitlin LaFary, B.S.
VR Counselor, Service Source

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I ENJOY INSPIRING others who may be deprived of assistance.

“Rehabilitation is dynamic and covers the needs of individuals at each stage of development. For me, the challenges are more of moral value and compass than monetary value. I enjoy helping and inspiring others who may be deprived of assistance due to a handicap, emotional, cognitive, developmental learning, or physical disability.”

James Blannon, Ed., M, MS, BS

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YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of people as a CRC.

“I had the opportunity to work with a client who was blind at birth. He dreamed of owning his own business but never thought it would come true. My education as a CRC and my knowledge of assistive work technology helped the rehabilitation team make his dream of becoming a business owner a reality.”

Dr. Randy Medeiros
Thomas University

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I CHERISH THE SUPPORT I get from the CRC staff.

“I’ve had my CRC certification since 2002. My prior employer didn’t require the CRC to maintain or promote within the agency. I kept my CRC for 20 years in spite of this because I've always been proud to have it and I never wanted an opportunity to pass me by because I didn’t have it.”

Marlene Swarts, M.A., CRC
Helen Keller National Center (HKNC)

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STUDENTS ARE ACHIEVING their goals with a CRC’s strengths-based approach.

“Young adults with intellectual disabilities want the same things their peers without disabilities want: meaningful work, living as independently as possible, and taking their place within their community. With a CRC’s strengths-based, rather than deficits-based approach, our students are achieving their goals.”

Sue Reeves MRC, CRC, LVRC
Program Director
Licensed/Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Aggies Elevated at Utah State University

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ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I made for my career.

“I landed a paid internship as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor without even knowing what the job entailed. I fell in love with the work and the reward that came from helping individuals reach independence through innovative vocational programs. Becoming a CRC was one of the best decisions I made for my career.”

Rene Dell, MA, LPC, NCC, CRC

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GIVING BACK is the greatest gift of all.

“For me, it’s watching individuals walk in at the beginning of their journey with their heads down and nervous, and walk out the door upon the completion of their Pre-ETS training, Placement, On-The-Job trainings, and/or Post-Secondary Education and seeing the accomplishment on their faces. That’s when you feel your job matters.”

Shaina Cox, M.A. in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, CRC
VR Consultant with Vocational Rehabilitation

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PAY IT FORWARD to support others as they learn to overcome obstacles.

“In my role as a CRC at Vocational Rehabilitation in Oregon, I have the opportunity to serve as a conduit of information. From what others teach me, I can pay it forward to support others as they learn to overcome obstacles and achieve successful outcomes.”

Renata M Beck, MS, CRC

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MY PASSION MEETS PURPOSE to serve individuals with disabilities.

“A Certified Rehabilitation Counselor certification goes far beyond the title. Counseling is where my passion meets purpose to serve individuals with disabilities. It is an honor to be a part of a welcoming, nurturing, and distinguished body of counselors across the country. ”

Simone Hicks, Ph.D., CRC

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NOBLE AND MEANINGFUL calling we are blessed to perform.

“Being able to directly help someone achieve (or restore) their independence and dignity, meaning and purpose, structure and stability, and overcome obstacles and barriers such as major mental, physical, and cognitive disabilities, homelessness, and community isolation, makes this profession unique and powers me every day.”

Eric Kulesza, MBA, MA, CRC, CADC, LPC
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
Supported Employment
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

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THE JOURNEY has been so rewarding.

“As a mother of someone differently-abled, I became an advocate before I stepped into the Vocational Rehabilitation field. I developed Whole Latte Love Cafe, a place that provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to learn transferable customer service skills. What I learned from the field will help facilitate a path for my daughter and her peers.”

Beth A. Humbert, M. Ed., CRC, CESP
Founder / Executive Director
Whole Latte Love Cafe

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