What is a Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist?

Separately, Certified Rehabilitation Counselors and Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialists are key members of the rehabilitation team of a person with disabilities rehabilitation team. When the person providing the services holds the combined certifications, the outcome for the client is greater. The process of rehabilitation is more effective and efficient.

Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialists provide comprehensive vocational assessment services to consumers with a range of disabilities, education levels, and work experience. The assessment results support job planning and placement. Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialists must demonstrate an understanding of a variety of physical and mental disabilities. They are responsible for administering, scoring, and interpreting an extensive variety of vocational interest, achievement, and psychological tests; conducting community-based assessments of vocational skills and abilities; analyzing medical, psychological, socioeconomic, vocational, and educational information; developing a formal evaluation plan for each client; and creating written reports, which are used make recommendations in relation to employment or other activities. A key purpose of vocational assessment is to enable consumers to make an informed choice. As a result of vocational assessment, individuals should have enhanced self-awareness and vocational decision-making abilities; they have gained knowledge of their own strengths, limitations, and interests, as well as how their abilities and interests correspond to opportunities in the labor market. Identifying barriers and how to address and overcome them are also part of the vocational assessment process.

Certification Options:


Certification helps you be the best you can be. The best employee, the best certified rehabilitation counselor, and the best YOU.



Earning the CVE credential is an important personal and professional achievement that also has the potential to help raise the visibility and global recognition of our profession.

Greater Focus on Career:

Allows for faster career advancement with greater earning potential and greater professional mobility.

Respected by Peers and Clients:

Achieving the internationally recognized CVE credential attracts respect from both fellow professionals and clients. It provides a marketable credential that distinguishes CRCs from other counseling professionals.

Assured and Measured Approach to Work:

Acting ethically, have a code of conduct and sound code of practice assures a confident approach to work. CVEs are role models for professional development, lifelong learning, and dedication to excellence in service provision to individuals with disabilities.


Experts in Their Specialty:

CVEs are highly qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable. They are experts in the specialty of vocational assessment. CVEs use a vocational evaluation process and career assessment service in which a client obtains greater self-knowledge through participation in activities designed to evaluate interests, abilities, aptitudes, and skills to identify vocational/avocational strengths, needs, and career potential.

Client Advocate:

Clients learn about the functional impact of their disability in relation to their career options. They also learn about assistive technology, devices and accommodations needed to remove barriers for employment. The assessment process encourages personal involvement in career planning and development while empowering clients by increasing their self-confidence to achieve their professional goals.

Quality of Services:

The markers of a CVE: knowledge, competence, and commitment to the highest standards in vocational evaluation. These give clients and their families reassurance that their future is in qualified hands!

Skilled and Knowledgeable:

CVEs have access to specialized resources and tools that achieve higher success rates and overall better client outcomes.


Higher Level of Credibility for Services:

Employers benefit in many ways when working with a Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist. CVEs have the knowledge and expertise to successfully hire individuals with disabilities while upholding discretion and ethical practices.

Improved Efficiency:

CVEs help employers gain access to a broader scope of qualified workers by including those with disabilities. People with disabilities can bring unique perspectives and innovative thinking and other talents resulting in better productivity and an enriched corporate culture.

Return on Investment:

In cases where a worker is injured on the job, these services can help that individual get back to work as soon as possible, restoring productivity and frequently resolving workers’ compensation cases in a timely manner.

Maintain Industry Knowledge:

CVEs are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics, keeping up to date on current trends and best practices, putting them on the leading edge of your organization. They help create cohesive, professional, and inclusive environments where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive.the leading edge of your organization.