What is a Certified
Rehabilitation Counselor?

A CRC is the only professional counselor educated at the graduate level and who has demonstrated a breadth and depth of knowledge and skill necessary to serve individuals with disabilities across a wide range of disabling conditions. CRCs use a unique and broad range of highly specialized services to evaluate, determine, coordinate, and manage any or all necessary services throughout the rehabilitation process. A certified rehabilitation counselor is the bridge between the individual and a self-sufficient, fully integrated life.


How do you distinguish yourself from other counselors?

Earning your CRC certification gives you a definite edge in the field of rehabilitation counseling. Not only does it showcase your specialization, it speaks volumes about your commitment, your passion, and your expertise. Three simple letters after your name can open doors you did not even know existed.

Certification Options:

CRCC offers the only nationally accredited certification that focuses specifically on rehabilitation counseling.

Become part of an elite group of professionals

Stay on top of current trends and best practices

Accelerate your potential for advancement

Bring added value and expertise to your clients

Demonstrate your commitment to your profession

Satisfy the highest national professional standard