The Importance of the CRC Credential for Your Students

CRC certification is the highest level of credentialing in rehabilitation counseling. Certified Rehabilitation Counselors are the only professionals nationally and independently certified to serve individuals with disabilities and the companies/businesses who employ them.

Now is the time for your students to consider CRC certification. Students who earn the CRC designation possess a marketable and valued credential that distinguishes them from all other counseling professions.

The CRC credential helps to establish their professional identity, which is particularly important as they enter the workforce.

CRC certification establishes a recognizable point of differentiation with both employers and clients.

Earning their CRC can lead to job placements, faster career advancement, greater earning potential, and referrals from both medical and non-medical professionals.

CRC Exam as a Comprehensive Exam

Using the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Exam (CRCE) as your comprehensive exam benefits both your students and your program:

  • Saves faculty from developing and scoring a comprehensive exam.
  • Delivers a comprehensive examination based upon empirical research.
  • One exam provides students with both their degree and professional credential upon graduation.

Offered three times per year, the CRCE now features immediate scoring. Exam results are provided to candidates at the test site following completion of the exam. This means that results are now available in plenty of time for graduation in most cases.
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CRC Exam Structure

The CRC Exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions. The exam is administered during an allotted 3 ½ hours. Candidates should set aside four hours, which includes time for check-in, and instructions.

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If you are considering use of the CRC Exam as your program’s comprehensive exam, here are some fast facts to consider:

  • Students must apply for the CRC certification in accordance with the process described in detail in the CRC Certification Guide.        The exam cannot be used as a comprehensive exam independent of the CRC certification process.
  • There is no additional charge to the student or to the university.
  • In the event a student does not achieve a passing score, the student would not be able to re-take the exam until the next test        administration. Alternatives for students may need to be available.

Outcome Data Report

CRCC recognizes the importance of sharing data regarding your student and graduate performance on the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Exam. The Outcome Data report will be distributed free of charge to master’s degree programs in rehabilitation counseling. The report will automatically be sent to your department’s program coordinator in early October. The report will include a full academic cycle of the CRC Exam windows, October – July.

The report includes the following:

  • Examination dates
  • Number of applicants who sat for the exam who were graduates or students of your program at the time they sat for the exam
  • Number of applicants who passed the exam who were graduates or students of your program at the time they sat for the exam
  • Total number of applicants who sat for the exam in the given cycle(s)
  • Total number of applicants who passed the exam in the given cycle(s)

Research Using CRCC Data

The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) recognizes the value of scientific research and development to its certified professionals and the public.

  • Request use of information from the CRCC Database for research projects.
  • Questions can be directed to (847) 944-1325 or

View or Print Application for Use of Information from the CRCC Database for a Research Project