CRCC Centers of Excellence

CRCC Centers of Excellence is a collaborative new program with exceptional rehabilitation counseling graduate programs to attract students to premiere programs, improve outcomes for students sitting for the CRC Exam, and, most importantly, provide high-quality client-centered services for individuals with disabilities.


The Importance of Quality Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Programs

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Today, more than 1 in 4 Americans live with a disability.

This is a significant call for our profession to answer.

Unfortunately, graduate Rehabilitation Counseling programs across the country are not producing enough Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCs) to provide services to individuals with disabilities.

The result of this shortage is that individuals with disabilities are not being served by qualified counselors.

Rehabilitation Counseling programs across the United States, in partnership with CRCC, can play a pivotal role in improving services for individuals with disabilities.

CRCC is partnering  with rehabilitation Counseling graduate programs is that research shows clients working with Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCs) have a higher rate of full-time employment than those who do not work with Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (Mackay et al., 2020).

Certified Rehabilitation Counselors represent the most qualified experts to help individuals with disabilities identify strengths and maximize abilities, cultivate successful, long-term careers, and participate fully in all aspects of their lives.

CRCC Centers of Excellence Collaborate with CRCC on Key Drivers of Student Success

Curriculum Review and Development

CRCC works with programs to crosswalk their course syllabi with the CRCC Job Task Analysis to help prepare students for the work they will be doing in the field upon graduation.

Student Engagement and Recruitment

Centers of Excellence are promoted on the CRCC website and digital channels. CRCC also presents to classes on the importance of certification,  emerging Career Pathways, and the impact of CRCs.

CRC Exam Preparation and Test Score Improvement

Centers of Excellence receive access to discounted study materials and other support from CRCC to help their students prepare for the CRC Exam and maintain pass rates above 75%.

Cultivating Prepared and Qualified Professionals

As the Gold Standard in Rehabilitation Counseling, CRCC and Centers of Excellence collaborate to ensure that the top programs are preparing and producing qualified individuals for this crucial role in our society.

Centers of Excellence Graduate Programs

CRCC Centers of Excellence Criteria

  1. Graduate program has collaborated with CRCC on a curriculum review to crosswalk course syllabi with the CRCC JTA and Knowledge Domains
  2. Graduate program is taught by faculty who come from a rehabilitation counseling or clinical rehabilitation counseling background
  3. Graduate program encourages the CRC Exam as a comprehensive exam to students
  4. Two years of outcome data reports indicate an average pass rate of 75% or higher for students
  5. CRCC meets with students to discuss the value and impact of CRC credential
  6. CRCC meets with department head/faculty representative twice a year to discuss updates and changes in program

Benefits for Universities of the CRCC Centers of Excellence

  • Working with undergraduate programs and related graduate programs as feeders to your program.
  • Enhanced program credibility.
  • Competitive differentiation with increased program enrollment.
  • Statistical data and outcome reports.
  • Alumni success and recognition.
  • Partnerships and collaboration.
  • Commitment to the profession of Rehabilitation Counseling.
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty.
  • Discounts on CRCC resources based on student enrollment.

Centers of Excellence Provide Perks to Students As Well

  • Recognition for graduating from a CRC Center of Excellence program.
  • Access to reduced rates on student liability insurance.
  • Advanced skill development and competency.
  • Provide discounts on CRCC resources based on student enrollment.
  • Increased professional identity and credibility.
  • Networking opportunities through CRCC’s Emerging Leaders Network.
  • Enhanced career opportunities and career guidance.

Interested in Becoming a CRCC Center of Excellence?

Universities inquiring about becoming a CRCC Center of Excellence can email us at