Stay Certified

Reaffirm your dedication to excellence and lifelong learning by maintaining certification.
By renewing your certification, you are investing in yourself today and in the future.

 Whether you’re new to the field of rehabilitation counseling or have years of experience, we know that it takes a lot of time and energy, plus a lot of heart, to answer that calling. You’ve done so with dedication, determination, and compassion. We commend your hard work and tireless pursuit of being at the top of your game. As the only source for certification in rehabilitation counseling, CRCC is proud to offer the most respected, sought-after credential. It is a symbol of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to your career, clients, and their families in the communities you serve.

Why Certification?

  • Invest in Yourself
  • Advance Your Career
  • Improve Client Outcomes
  • Be Recognized
  • Renew Certification

All certificants must renew their certification every 5 years, to ensure they serve their clients most effectively.


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