Need to Retake the CRC Exam?

Try to approach the exam with a new mindset. Use these pointers from people who design high-stakes exams like the CRC Exam.

  • Take some time to think about how to improve your exam performance before you reschedule the exam. Begin to outline your approach.
  • People who repeat an exam may experience more anxiety than first time test takers. However, you have the advantage of knowing what the exam looks like and how it feels to take the exam. You also have experience with the testing center.
  • When you think about studying, keep in mind that you’re not starting from scratch. You’re building on previously attained knowledge.
  • Accept that you did not pass the exam. Look at your exam results. Do you need to focus on additional preparation? You’ve received feedback on the strengths and areas for improvement. Use this feedback to regroup and plan your path for the retest.
  • Take the time to rest, reflect, and reset. And, when you feel ready, re-approach the exam.

Need a New Approach to Exam Preparation?

  • If the way you’ve studied in the past doesn’t seem to be working, ask others about their study habits and try to incorporate some new ideas into your routine.
  • Find ways to absorb the content in a way that makes sense to you. For example, when you read, don’t highlight everything even though everything seems important.
  • When using exam prep materials, read the rationales. Know the “why” behind every answer.

Specific Study Strategies

Time on task: How much time do you spend reading and studying for the exam?

Study hours should be distributed evenly over the weeks and months leading up to the exam. Don’t “cram” the 1 or 2 days just prior to an exam.

Exam prep is more than simply reading or re-reading the material. Study should involve considerably more active engagement of the material. Using the CRC Exam Knowledge Domains, summarize the major points and key ideas of the exam prep material you are using in your own words. Review these points and ideas before moving to a new knowledge domain.

Concentration while studying: How do you study?

Find a quiet, distraction-free study area that is both convenient to your schedule and comfortable (good lighting, comfortable chair, table or desk).

Avoid unnecessary distractions, such as idle cell phone conversations, listening to an iPod or other electronic medium, or spending time exploring Facebook while you are studying. Make sure you have your necessary exam prep materials (books, computer, paper for making notes).

To minimize boredom and tiredness, study no longer than 20-30 min at time before taking a 2-3 minute rest break to clear your mind and to stretch or walk around a bit.

Study Buddy or Group and Practice Tests

  • Study with CRCC Exam Prep Flashcards – based on the knowledge domains that determine CRC Exam questions
  • Get a study buddy or join a study group to discuss the materials
  • Utilize the FREE CRCC Exam Preparation Planner for a 12-week guide to studying for the exam
  • Take practice exams and identify reasons why you may have missed particular questions and why you got other questions correct
  • CRCC offers the CRCC Self-Assessment to check your understanding of the 12 knowledge domains