Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are Some Tips for Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile:


Upload a great profile picture: Look professional; make sure it’s a recent photo and that you take up about 60% of the area.

Add a background/banner photo: Stand out from the many that don’t include a background. It should represent who you are, not necessarily what you practice.


Write a descriptive headline: Make it about you, keyword-rich and not necessarily your job title.

Build your summary: Write your story in a compelling way. Make sure it includes quantifiable facts and includes a series of situation, action and result.

Add relevant experience: Include both in-school and out-of-school.

List education: Make sure to include all relevant degrees, certifications, and licenses.

Include noteworthy volunteer experience: Round out who you really are.

Select and feature about 5 relevant skills: You’re looking for quality over quantity.

Tout your services: Help others understand what you can provide; this will help in search.


Grow your network: Search and connect with others.

Endorse others and manage your endorsements: Showcase credibility and feature the endorsements that are most relevant to you.

Request recommendations: Encourage personal testimonials.

Feature thought-leadership: Utilize the publications section to link to content you’ve developed.

Be active: Share relevant content with your network. Add comments to your shares.